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Our vision for the Catholic Parish of Christchurch North is of a missionary parish bringing people to come to know Jesus Christ personally, helping them grow as disciples, and going out to others with the Gospel message.

Please note – Registrations for all Masses close at 3pm the previous day.

Message from Archbishop Paul Martin SM

Greetings to you as we head towards Level 2 of our Covid-19 journey.

It is good news that we are able to move around more freely after these last couple of weeks of restrictions. While we are still not completely free to do as we would hope we do acknowledge all the sacrifices that people have made in order to maintain the good health of the population. We continue to remember and pray for those who are living in the Auckland region.

The limitation of 50 people in a gathering indoors, with a 2-metre distance between bubbles, is very limiting for us in terms of our Eucharistic gatherings. This is especially so for Sunday when most parishes have many more people than this at Mass. It is important that all people are able to attend Mass on Sunday and so, given the restrictions, we do not consider that this is possible for us to offer at this stage. Therefore, there are to be no Sunday Masses in the diocese at the present time while we are in Level 2. On-line Mass will be available on Sunday from the diocesan website and other parishes who are offering Mass on-line can do the same.
There is the possibility though of having Mass during the week for those who wish to attend. This will provide an opportunity for those who wish to receive the Eucharist to be able to do so during the week. All of the necessary steps required of a gathering at Level 2 must be followed, therefore it is up to parishes to consider this option beginning next Monday 13 September where Masses may be offered in our churches from Monday to Friday.
Let us pray that this situation will not continue too long.

Blessings to you all.


Sunday Masses

Under the directive of Archbishop Paul, no Sunday Masses will be celebrated during Level 2 in any of our Churches and Mass Centres.

Sunday Masses are still available to be live streamed, and viewed on Shine TV at 2pm, Channel 25 on Free-to-Air or Sky TV Chanel 201.

Weekday Masses

We are able to celebrate weekday Masses in our parish beginning Monday 13th September.

Weekday Masses will be celebrated Monday – Friday, only at St Gregory’s Church, Bishopdale.

Level 2 Mass Timetable
Monday – Friday: 7am,  9:15am,  Noon,  7pm
St Gregory’s Church, Bishopdale

Register for Weekday Mass

Because of the 50 people capacity, you will need to register to weekday Mass. The link will be sent to you at a later stage once the Diocesan Office have these up and running.

To register for weekday Mass, please click this link.

Mass Observances

  • Please sign in using the ‘App’, and check yourselves in with the person in the foyer,
  • Sanitise your hands,
  • Wear a mask or face covering,
  • 2 metre distancing between bubbles,
  • No Holy Water stoops,
  • No sign of peace,
  • Holy Communion under one kind only,
  • Only receive Holy Communion on the hand,
  • The priest will come to you for the distribution of Holy Communion (as we do in the Anointing of the Sick Masses).

Christ the King Church closed during Level 2

As much as we would have loved to open Christ the King Church during level two, we felt that we could not fulfil the responsibility of keeping the Church thoroughly clean between visits and Masses while keeping an eye on numbers. This is why we have decided to keep Christ the King Church closed during Level two.

With the parish office being at St. Gregory’s Church we are able to keep an eye on these factors therefore St. Gregory’s Church will be open (from 8th September) for personal prayer and reflection.

Reconciliation (Confessions)

We are able to celebrate the Sacrament of Confessions during level 2 but adhering to the government guidelines.

We will be celebrating this sacrament face-to-face in the main body of St Gregory’s Church, with a two metre distance between priest and penitent, and please wear a mask or a face covering during the celebration of confession.

When waiting, please wait in the pews near the back and come forward when it is safe to do so.

Music will be playing in the background for privacy.

Reconciliations will begin on Saturday 11th September (9:45 – 10:45am at St. Gregory’s Church).

Reconciliations during Level Two
Tuesday & Thursday: 5:30pm – 6:30pm
Saturday: 9:45am – 10:45am

Groups & Ministries

There are many groups and ministries in our parish community! You are very much invited to come and join these groups and ministries.


If you would like to support the works of the parish financially, please click below, or check out the giving page.

Because our parish is subscribed to FORMED, all our parishioners have access to this amazing resource. Think of it as ‘the Catholic version of Netflix.’

It has over 4000 videos, series, talks, e-books and even cartoons for children.

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