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Young People's Details



  • By typing my name below, I agree to the following. I agree to be contactable during youth group in case of an emergency. We will provide to the youth co-ordinator written/verbal and confidential advice of any significant physical, mental, emotional, or development issues affecting my child (this allows us to pastorally care for them).
  • If my child is involved in a serious disciplinary problem, including the use of illegal substances and/or alcohol, or actions that threaten the safety of others, he/she will need to be collected at my own expense as Parent/Caregiver.
  • There will be times in which we will take photographs of our youth groups and any youth events. These images may include your children. We will make sure that only first names are used (if we use names). These images will be used for the promotion and reporting of our youth ministry within the Parish or Christchurch Diocese. Please let us know if it is ok to use images that may have your children in them.


  • We invite those who are able, to bring a gold coin donation when they arrive at youth group.