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  • If you are paying cash - please bring this to the parish office at St. Gregory's Church (26 Cotswold Ave, Bishopdale). Please include the candidate's name. If you are paying via internet transfer the details are as follows: Catholic Parish of Christchurch North 03-1592-0207367-20 ‘Confirm’ and ‘Candidates name’ in the reference.
  • Authorisation

  • There may be times in which we will take photographs of your children during the programme (at the Masses, retreat day, or at the lessons). We will make sure that only first names are used (if we use names). These images will be used for the promotion and reporting of the Confirmation Programme within the Parish or Christchurch Diocese. Please let us know if it is ok to use images that may have your children in them.
  • By typing your name below, you acknowledge that the above details are correct to the best of your ability, and that you recognise that there is a level of commitment from you and your child.



Contact Details

Any queries regarding Confirmation, please email or text Sarah Strachan.

Sarah Strachan

Email –

Cell (text only please) – 021 133 6925