The Building Committee

New Church & Pastoral Community Centre

What is a Building Committee?

The Building Committee is set up to assist the parish in the management of the building of the new Church, Pastoral Community Centre, and Presbytery at the former St. Joseph’s site. Also part of our responsibility is to co-ordinate the activity around existing Parish buildings and Land and what will be done with these buildings over the next few years.

We have been meeting since the lock down to determine how best we engage with the Parish Community to ensure that we build a Church and Pastoral Community Centre as a missionary parish as per our Parish Vision. This means looking at what our needs and desires are but also to challenge ourselves to ensure we have buildings that will support our future.


The Vision for the Christchurch North Parish?

Our vision for the Catholic Parish of Christchurch North is of a missionary parish bringing people to come to know Jesus Christ personally, helping them grow as disciples, and going out to others with the Gospel message.

The Building Committee asks the question: How do we translate this vision into a design brief for our Church and Pastoral Community Centre?

What is the scope of the Building Committee?

The scope of the Building Committee includes the following:

  • Demolition or retention of existing buildings
  • Design and construction of new buildings
  • Handover / commissioning of the buildings to the parish
  • Sale of existing properties / buildings
  • Defining a design process
  • Managing the timeline
  • Managing reporting lines and communication lines with the following:
    • Diocesan Office
    • Parish Leadership Team
    • School Leaders
    • Parish & Parish Groups

**We have completed the first stage of our ‘Consult and Capture’ stage.
The second stage will be from the beginning of February to mid-March 2021.**

Frequently Asked Questions

We will regularly update this section with answers to your most frequently asked questions. Keep checking regularly!

Why are there statements being made that the St. Joseph's Centre is to be demolished?

It is a little premature to make an assessment of whether the current Parish centre on the St Joseph’s site will or won’t be removed. The reality is there will be a significant master planning process undertaken to help us collectively determine the optimal layout for the development. We hope the Parish will be open to looking at this plan and a pathway that ensures we have the best hope of delivering a development that will last for more than 50 years.

Has any survey been done on Mass numbers over the three churches to justify a rebuild?

Every year, each parish does a Mass count in October. We have a very clear picture of the past and current numbers when it comes to Mass attendance across the three parishes that came together in the north. We will also (with support from the Diocese) undertake research into our parish demographics and likely areas of residential growth.

Because of the Bishop’s intention that we gather as a community in one Church on a Sunday, our current Mass count figures and future aspirations for growth are factors in the Bishop’s decision to build one new Church in our Parish. Our current three churches are too small for our combined congregation and future aspiration.

Two of the three Churches require further strengthening – this too is a factor in the Bishop’s decision to build a new Church.

How is a possible rebuild to be financed?

The Parish is going to establish a fundraising committee to assist with the process.  This group will be separate to the building committee.  There will also be a funding framework between the Diocese and Parish.  The final setup of this is yet to be fully determined and is partly a function of the estimated development cost that will be established after the master planning and concept design work.

If a rebuild is required, what is the future for the Christ the King and St. Gregory's Churches?

The exact outcome for these churches is yet to be finalised however it is likely there will be a move away from these facilities in the coming years as we look to centralise our activities around a vibrant and exciting hub.  There will be a mix of land and asset sales required to support the Parish aspirations.  As this becomes more definitive the plans will be shared with the Parish.

If only one or two churches are required, what is the justification for rebuilding a third church?

The Bishop’s intention is that we gather as a community in one Church. This will help with our mission and purpose across the schools and wider community of our Parish. Establishing a centralised base to focus our resources will help support the outreach we aspire to deliver.

What work has been done on demographics as the average age if parishioners appears to be increasing significantly?

This is a critical piece of work that is in the process of being completed.  Understanding the demographics within our Parish will help us know who we will be serving and where they will live.  Although the word ‘growth’ is not one many Parishes in NZ have been able to use over the last 20 years,  let’s be aspirational.  Let’s all pray that through living out our mission and purpose we can connect with more people than ever before and allow ‘growth’ to return to our Parish.



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Who is on the Building Committee?

Robert de Roo

I have been a Professional Mechanical Engineer for the last twenty two years.  I currently work as Head of Programmes for AIM Altitude, an aircraft interiors manufacturing business based here in NZ and in the UK. I have managed a number of small and large aviation contracts during my time, where the key focus was to understand the customer’s needs and desires and to translate that into the design of the interiors or elements of the interiors that we build for the customer.

François Baudet

François is a father of four (soon to be five!) and has been in the former St. Joseph’s Parish for ten years.  He was a member of the St Joseph’s Rebuild Committee and as such has great insight into what it takes to work through a new build process.  François brings his experience as the ‘Christchurch Airport  Projects Delivery Manager’ to the team.  He is really passionate about helping in any way he can and support the Parish on our redevelopment journey.

Jo Carey

Jo has been a member of the former Bryndwr Parish since 1982.  Her experience is in administration, having been the parish secretary from 1999 – 2013. Jo has been involved in many other parish groups including the Parish Council, Finance Committee and the choir for many years. Jo is also a partner in her family property business.

Melonie de Roo

Fr Alister Castillo

Fr Alister is on the building committee representing Fr Rick, the parish priest. Fr Alister looks forward to being a part of this important process as the North Parish looks at building a new Church and Community Centre.

Graeme Wilson

Graeme is a Chartered Accountant and work for a large Christchurch based company. Graeme, and his wife Louise, have two adult children and have been members of former St Joseph’s parish for around thirty years, and was part of the former parish finance committee for a number of years. Graeme is really excited about working with the parish leadership team, and the parish as a whole, as we embrace Bishop Paul’s vision for our Diocese.

Contact Details

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